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I am very new to this site but have been following some of the posts on here for a while.

As far as I can tell there is no thread devoted towards the SSR file Colonel Phillips gives to Peggy Carter at the end of Captain America The First Avenger. Some of the smaller props from films (such as this file) are the props that I find most interesting and are often the ones that I am most eager to own

I have already built the file but I can include instructions and pictures if anyone is interested



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The materials I used were:

Brown Paper/Card
2x Brass Split Pins
Light Brown Velvet/Leather

Step 1:
Cut the paper to Strip 1 (34cm x 53.5cm) and Strip 2 (6cm x 22cm).

Step 2:
Fold Strip 1 at 17.5cm, 40.5 cm, 41.5cm and 42.5cm.

Step 3:
Cut Strip 2 in half to be left with 2 lots of 6cm x 11cm.

Step 4:
Alternatively fold both of the Strip 2s along the 6cm edge at intervals of 2cm, 1cm and 1cm leaving 2cm.

Step 5:
After the 4th fold on Strip 1, you should be left with 11cm which is where you attach both Strip 2s with the M shape at the top and the W shape at the bottom.

| |
| |

Thus creating the MW side.

Step 6:
Cut the Light Brown Velvet/Leather into 2x 2.5cm diameter circles (I stuck the circles to card for added stability).

Step 7:
Fasten the circles with the Brass Split Pins. 1, on the flap about 3cm from the edge, 2, on the MW side about 2.5cm from the edge and in total 5.5cm apart from each other.

Step 8:
Use the string to wrap around the pins to fasten the file together.

Et voilà, we are done! Unless you need the Identification Document to be attached to the front of the file.
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