Captain America Shield Wall Mount


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Thought I'd Post a fun way to show off a Captain America Shield. Big thanks to Valor for the star, just adds that extra pop. The star that came with the shield was a bit ****ty. For my next shield I'll definitely be reaching out to you for some of your fancy brackets. This was my first attempt on an aluminum shield so I didn't want to break the bank too much, but I'm pretty pleased with the results, I definitely know what to look for next go round. I'll have to compile all my random in process photos from my various phones/tablets/cameras around the house and put up an album with those. For the most part I kept seeing people post images displaying their shields in guitar stands, and while I like the appeal, for the small sacrifice of a magnet on the back I think I have a way to make it pop that much more :).

1. Attach Foot Mount to Wall

View attachment TtXOPJ8.jpg
2. Find Matching Chair Foot

View attachment 5UlGAKH.jpg
3. Magnet Goes on Chair Foot, Chair Foot Goes on Wall

View attachment ujDXrdr.jpg
4. Magnet Goes on Shield

View attachment y8WCh3O.jpg
5. Shield Goes on Wall

View attachment oSRvcF5.jpg
6. Win!

View attachment auOOkB3.jpg

items used to make this happen:
1x (to hold the magnet to the shield)
~25-30$ and it can be sitting pretty, as my friends put it... If my house were to come under fire, that ONE part of my wall would remain safe!

Uploaded images to imgur if the images above don't work, all in one album

Let me know if you have any questions!



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It can be better if you used this kind of magnet :

It's "pot magnet" as you can read here :

you can see you could use not a magnet on the shied, but just a thin piece of metal (thiner is better in this case).

I like the concept. It would take a bit of testing. While the magnet has a 90 lb pull weight I'd be afraid of the shield falling with only 1. Though i must confess magnets are not something i fully understand. The first thing that happened when i had this setup was the shield started to slide/fall a bit. After being taken down and put back up a few times i have yet to replicate this so idk what I did the first time but my fear would be the ability to hold it up.


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This kind of magnet is very strong when you pull front of him, but more less if you slide. In this case that would work well as you want .
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