captain america shield (steel)

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    hi everyone !
    I wanna build captain america's shield out of steel to make it the most real as possible ( unfortunately i don't have vibranium... ). Hence I need your help ! how can I round the steel (without power hammer or whatever ) ? 'Cause I wanna have the exact shape of the shield we can see in the movies ! thanks everyone !!
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    A Steel shield this size would cost a lot and be ultra heavy. Unless it's made in a foundry and poured into a shield mold it would be incredibly difficult to make with how hard steel is. But it's not impossible. You get thin enough steel sheeting, you'll still need a rounder and to pound it out.

    This is why most people will make them from Aluminium. I doubt any of the props in the film were ever made out of steel either.
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    If you give a quick search in the forum, there are a few people that have made them from a 'snow saucer'. Im in the UK so havent seen any here.
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    This probably should have been posted in the Marvel prop thread. If you take a stroll over to there you will find a ton of information regarding the Captain's shield, various types and finishes as well as all the info on the shield straps, buckles and the star.


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