CAPTAIN AMERICA SHIELD: Starting with hardware

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by jason_ehl, Jan 26, 2012.

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    With the thor hammer almost finished up I had a chance to start in on the shield blanks that I picked up from Chris.

    Not feeling brave enough to start machining the star indentation out yet...I started with the hardware on the back. The buckles/mounts still need to have a slight round put on everything to soften up the edges...but its getting there.

    Based on the ref. pic. colors I think the whole back face and hardware will get anodized stainless steel to take some of the shine off.

    Oh...and talk about timing....Bryan....grrrrrr....I think I might just put this project on hold again based on the great post I saw about the EFX marvel props.....a giant congrats.

    With EFX doing it I am sure everyone interested can rest easy knowing they are going to receive an amazing product.
  2. Chris Fields

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    very nice looking! You mean anodized aluminum right?

    Yeah, the EFX shield and helmets will look sweet. I wouldn't put yours on hold though, I'd love to see what you come up with. The parts so far are great.
  3. jason_ehl

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    Hey Chris,

    Yes...all the parts are aluminum....but will get anodized a color defined "stainless steel"

    I did the thor hammer in this color and it ended up looking pretty close to the backside color of the shield in the ref. pics floating around.

    Everything wont go in until I have the back shield blanks machined so that everything will be part of the same batch/lot in an effort to get a color that is close for all parts.

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