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So you have a blank aluminum shield and a bracket/star kit from Valor but you haven't the resources or expertise to finish it is where our services shine!

Have your parts shipped directly to us from the vendor and we'll give your shield the superior treatment it deserves!

Having finished many shields for satisfied clients, our shop has done the hard work of developing an advanced, systematic finishing process that yields the best results possible!
Choose from either a glossy "First Avenger" style finish, or a true-anodized matte finish as seen in "The Winter Soldier".

Prices include assembly, full finishing plus a top coat sheen of your choice:

$350 plus return shipping (varies upon client location) THIS is for shields requiring bending and assembly of a bracket set by RPF member Valor.

$325 plus return shipping. THIS price is for the rare shield offerings that come with a bracket set already installed.

Please contact me first regarding hiring me for this service. When you have committed to the commission, have read through the terms of service on my website, please submit the order form at the bottom of the page linked here:
We offer professional paint and assembly services of any item, be it a Cap shield, resin kit or styrene model kit, at competitive prices.
Please contact me anytime for all inquiries.

Examples of our work:



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this service looks amazing! i wish some one was selling a shield been looking for one lol best of luck on this your painting skills look amazing


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Spots open for the holiday season. If you get your shield to me by mid november, we'll have it finished in time for christmas.