Captain America Shield - painting and clear coat?

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Alright so I'm starting on a Captain America suit building project for this summer, thinking of doing it TWS style, though I might wait to see if they have made any additions/changes to the AOU suit for Civil War (which has started filming, yay!). Thinking of doing the shield first, I've read through a few shield threads on here and didn't see a definitive answer to my questions, but my bad if the answers are in fact in an existing thread

-Going the MH plastic sled route. Nice plastic sled, perfect size/shape/weight, I've seen some people make them into great shields. Just order from the internet, pop out some screws, plug some holes and get rid of imperfections, and you're ready for detailing. I've got it mostly planned out with the help of a tutorial I found but the painting aspect I'm still unsure about

-To give a few details, I'm doing the red, blue, and silver color scheme (no white). Would like the shade of red and blue to be a little deeper/darker, not as super vibrant as just plain regular red and blue. So basically the kinda colors that the shield has in the TWS and AOU movies. Also, I'm going for just a metallic look like the TWS and AOU movies as well, but not the super shiny polished look that I've seen some people on here do (though btw, those do look amazing). And clean and tidy, no battle damage. So, my questions are mostly about painting methods, paint quality, and interactions of different paint products

1. When I did the red for my Iron Man suit a few years ago, I put down just some plain metallic Krylon silver, and later added red auto paint over that, resulting in a metallic red. Is this the best way to do it or would it be better just to get metallic colors?

2. The auto paint that I used (Duplicolor I think) worked pretty good when it wanted to but half the time no matter what I did or what conditions I sprayed in, it came out splotchy and dry/powdery instead of an even, wet spray. If I did the auto paint method again, is there another, better brand that is more reliable and doesn't behave this way?

3. Will it matter what kind of primer I use? And I've heard of people putting down a clear coat before adding the colors, what's the purpose of this? Should I do it?

4. I'm thinking of putting a clear coat over the outside when I'm completely finished painting to protect the paint and give it a nice finish. The last time I did this was with Duplicolor clear coat on my Iron Man helmet, and it took all the metallic look out of the paint. When it was done drying my helmet was tan and red, instead of gold and metallic red, and I had to start my paintjob over. Is there a clearcoat out there that doesn't ruin the metallic look? (Or are there metallic spraypaints out there that keep their look even when sprayed with a clear coat?)

Are there any more problematic interactions between paint products (like the clear coat making flat colors instead of metallic, or for example, paint not sticking) that I need to steer clear of?

Also I'm definitely open to any color/shade suggestions or recommendations


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