Captain America shield from 10 dollar satellite dish

Thanks. I'm no machinist but from dimensions I've seen its accurate. I have 2 old satellite dishes, so I'll probably make another one. It weighs about 8lbs.

Chris Fields

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Nice! I have two satellites myself that are just sitting there... but they're only 24 inches... My girlfriend has an american dream costume and I though about making a smaller one for her out of on those.
That's great work! Can you tell me more about the metal brackets on the back?

Metal brackets on the back is simply metal I cut with an electric shear from a template. You could use AutoCad to get the template very precise.
The straps are just pant belts from Walmart with rivets in them. I also cut off the heads of rivets and used epoxy steel to glue them to the brackets to give the effect it was riveted.
Then I used industrial strength two-way tape from Home Depot to hold the straps to the shield (incredibly strong tape, I was surprised)


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That is really cool. Only on the RPF baby! :thumbsup

Did you take any pics of the build along the way? Let's turn this thread into a tutorial! :love

Thanks for posting!

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