Captain America shield 1:1 replica scale (cardboard)


So I thought I'd take a break from my MK XLIII suit build and do something else for a bit and was able to whip this up in a few hours. I love the way it turned out and can't wait to have it painted. Just need to find a nice filler so I can buff out some cut lines and to clean it up. Any suggestions?

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that is really clever! and Lighter I imagine than the metal version, even if in aluminum. Looking good!



Thanks! Just trying to figure out a inexpensive way to strengthen it so it'll be stronger and look cleaner. :)

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How did you make the shield? Was it a template or freehand? With regards to your question: newspaper and PVA glue. Just paper mache the shield and rub it down with some sandpaper for a smooth finish.


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coat the inside with pva glue and water 4:1 ratio
and then do the same on the outside after the inside has dried
do multiple coats or just do one coat and then paper mache the inside
then when the whole piece is stiff enough
Use pva glue with wall filler plaster
mix it to a nice thick consistency and apply using a playing card like body filler
smoothen sand and prime and voila ;D
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