Captain America rescue helmet.

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I figured i'd do something while watching the Band of Brothers mini series last weekend. I had a Vietnam M1 helmet but once i removed the camo covering and checked the markings i realized it was a WW2 Schulter helmet with a standard nam liner. Decided it would be a good base for a CA rescue helmet. I thought the hardest part would be matching up the paint. The screenused piece has an odd blue that looks almost black in very low light but is pretty much a pastel dark blue when lit well. Went to Lowes and found this Valspar Satin Indigo Streamer paint #85029. I have to say, i never thought it would look this good. Especially out of a can. I also bought some Valspar Satin White #85001 for the 'A'. Hardest part was scaling the 'A' and getting it on the helmet straight. Not sure i got it perfectly straight but it's OK. I ended up putting the helmet on and doing it in the mirror. Also gave it a final Testors dull coat to kill the semi gloss.
I also bought a "parachutist" liner on the bay. It's a 1983 vintage but will do. The real WW2 para liners are over $200 and more than i want to pay. I may just bleach the 83 OD liner webbing and dye it tan. Still waiting for it to come in. I am very happy with it so far. First 4 pics are what i used for reference and last pics are my helmet.


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Thanks. Yes i plan on it, but they are expensive so it may be awhile. That is one reason i don't mind if the A is a tiny bit crooked. Once the goggles are on it they will hide most of it anyways.


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Did you even read what he said?

I sure did. He said "a can". That could mean spray can or gallon can. I'm just looking for some clarification.

The item number given doesn't match the Indigo Streamer colour i find on the Valspar website, and i don't see a place where they list their spray can colours.


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What sort of prep did you do before painting? Did you just wash it best you could with dishsoap, and give it a primer? Did you just paint the satin white over the blue? I would be afraid of a blue that dark showing through - or did it take two coats of white?

I've got the helmet and paint, but I'm really still new to painting - I'm hoping mine turns out as well as yours.



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Your helmet looks outstanding and the color is a dead-on ringer. I wish I had researched colors a bit more before coloring my M-1. Great job!

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Thanks guys, it will probably get redone though in the next couple weeks

Alex, i just washed it in warm soap and water and then wiped it down with alcohol. I did not use a primer although i probably should have. Once i painted the blue i let it dry for about a week before laying down the white. It took a few coats of white but it covered the blue pretty easily. The hardest part is getting the 'A' straight and centered. Mine is slightly off and i may give it a very light sandblasting and just repaint the whole helmet when i mod my new liner. I hate crooked stuff like that. The size and shape look good to me though.

I have since bought a newer paratrooper liner for this but the newer liners are a little bit bigger than the old helmets. Not too big to fit in the helmet but a little too deep so it hangs out the bottom a little. I need to trim the bottom so it isn't sticking out of it. I will update this thread when i do it. Probably next week.


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Could you repost the photos of your helmet? I am looking to make my own helmet and have had trouble getting the right colors. Thanks!