Captain America Rescue Costume Build


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I figure I haven't started a thread for a build... ever... so, why not do this.

I'm a big fan of WWII re-enacting and a big fan of super heroes so obviously the "Rescue Costume" from First Avenger was my favorite from that entire movie!

The original plan was to have this completely done by this weekend for New York Comic Con but as of right now it's gonna be close if my custom jacket arrives in time!

First pictures I have are of my helmet. This started life as a refurbished WWII M1-C Paratrooper helmet. A lot of the rescue costumes seem to be doing the "A" WAYYYY too big for the movie version. This is a close approximation of its size based on the pictures I've seen.

The entire helmet was painted by misting two different shades of rattlecan blue together and as near as I can tell it's pretty close in color.


Also pictured are my custom 3d printed goggles. I modeled them based on a pair of AN6530 pilot goggles I have and tweaked them to match reference pictures. I believe the goggles were custom instead of full on replicas in the movie because of how they have to lay on the helmet and the real ones just do not lay like that.

My replica is obviously too large by about 20% or so and presently doesn't have the face pad attached. For Halloween I'm having a correct sized version printed but for Comic Con, assuming the jacket shows up, they'll do well enough!

I'm hoping to get Chris Evans to sign the helmet because, well, that would freaking sweet!

I'm going to sew the shirt this evening and make the shield tomorrow.

More pics to follow!

Oh, for anyone wondering, my username is supposed to read "CoolButPointless" but was one letter too long!
Good to see a member thinking along the same lines as me... :) I'll be at NYCC and should have jackets with me in stock if you really want to get fully suited up there. I will have my brother in my Rescue outfit, as he looks the Evans part better than I.
Not sure if you have seen my thread on this outfit out here, but I partially agree on a couple points. First off, I noticed the same on most "A"s as well, yours appears to still be a tad big, it really should go much over 2" in height so the same as the height of the correct sized goggle lens. I used the 6530 reps myself, and believe they do tend to lay correct after settling in, but your printed version is looking great as far as accurate detailing, because even thought the 6530 are close there do seem to be very slight differences in the bridge. Once you have it totally size adjusted, I'd be interested in them for sure.

Yeah, I was thinking my A seemed a little too big. This was version 2 of it after version one seemed too small. The goggle size is I think what's throwing me! The version pictured above is 2.25" tall, the previous was only 2"! Go figure!

The 6530's that I have lay so that the bridge is sort of hinged in towards the helmet but on all the pictures I can find the bridge lays flush with itself. I just sent my order for the smaller version of the goggles so we'll see!

I also just heard from my jacket guy- it's held up in customs waiting to be delivered to their store so and it can't ship until they have it from customs so... it's pretty much a no go I think. I'm still gonna take my helmet and try and get it signed.

I wish I had thought to look here to see if anyone did rescue jackets! Yours looks freaking AWESOME. Although, I can't complain for the price of mine, I suppose.

Fortunately, I have all the rest of the gear- almost all of which is mint unissued surplus WWII gear! I did skimp on the boots, though. More for comfort than cost. I have some brown dress shoes that, once you put leggings on, you can't really tell they're not boots.

It's been sort of iffy whether I'll even finish this costume in time for Halloween, let alone NYCC! My rent just went up $200/month!
I got a pair of the repro jump boots from the SM pace in Mexico and once broken in they are really comfy to walk in.

Well you should definitely swing by and check out the CAP jacket while you're there.
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