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Okay, question regarding his motivations.. in the movie that just came out, the Captain clearly uses guns through the movie. He's shooting Hydra and Nazis left and right. Clearly, he doesn't like killing, but he's going to do it when it's necessary. I assume that this is similar to his presentation in the comics? Did he use guns in the comics while he was in World War 2?

So, the question is .. why did he ever give up guns? I'm not saying gun down everyone he goes up against, but sometimes there really seems like a good reason to punch the bad guy's ticket permanently (as permanent as character death can be).
Check out the Cap'n here...


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Actually check the early covers and you can see that Bucky was kind of more bloodthisrsty than Cap. A lot of the covers had Cap holding the shield in one hand and doing something heroic with the other (punching, swinging, etc, etc)

I like #42 with Bucky delivering the bat to the face and #37 with Bucky with the Flamethrower.

Captain America Comic Covers

Forget the Bear Jew. Nazis should have feared Bucky!

Also notice how the color rings on Cap's shield changes around some on the covers.
I love how cap keeps busting in on Hitler lol. Man you sure couldn't get away with showing the nation's enemies like that these days, every political correctness group would jump. Exactly how old is bucky? They both have alter egos as soldiers but he looks like he's 12 lol.
from wiki

"In 1940, Bucky accidentally walked in on Rogers changing into his uniform, thus discovering his friend was Captain America and insisted that he join him. He underwent extensive training and was assigned to be Captain America's partner. The military justified putting a 15-year-old in harm's way by using him as a symbol to rally the youth of America"
lol. Only in the 40s could they get away with that. Poor Bucky got the short end of the stick becoming Winter Soldier and having Nomad claim his identity.
True. I did love the 90s Nomad mini series. I'm just glad they seem to have treated Cap really well when they wrote this movie, it could have been a disaster.
What happened? Dr Fredric Wertham happened! In 1954 he wrote a book called "Seduction of the Innocent" where he blamed comics for making kids into delinquents.

In order to prevent the demise of comics entirely, most comic companies chose to self regulate themselves by creating the comics code:
1954 Comics Code Authority

You can see comics from 1954 onward had a stamp on them that said they were approved by the comics code authority. This code highly regulated comics to conform to certain standards so kids would not be exposed to too much violence or sexual content and become - as Wertham suggested - violent criminals.

The comics code has since been dropped by most comic companies, Marvel dropped the code in 2001. Marvel now has a rating system on their comics instead of the code which gives age appropriate ranges on the comics like movies and video games.
Cap was a soldier and used guns all the time in WWII. He has used a gun once or twice in the modern era, but it's rare. There was an issue written by Mark Gruenwald where Cap had to use his shield and also gun down a bad guy in order to save a bunch of hostages. Gruenwald made a big deal about it, but this aversion to guns is more of a characteristic of the comic book writers than of the character.
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Okay, I'm just glad he didn't puss up and become a Batman gun phobe. The scene where he smashes open a door and then immediately draws his 45 cal 1911 and starts blowing away Hydra agents, that just feels .. right.
Depends on what era. My first introduction to Captain America was prior to #300. After this, many issues had more of a monster comic feel to it. I really started digging it during the Super Patriot storyline, and it has been a favorite since then.
Like any American, Cap likes GUNS...... not just guns, but .45s! specifically 1911s..... made by Colt....... in America.... by America.... FOR americans to kill NONAmericans, terrorists, zombies etc etc
Cap seems in every book comic or t.v. show or movie to dislike killing and only use it when absolutely necessary. Thus explaining why he would require guns in time of war to not only defend himself but others as well. While now there are less bullets flying every unlike in one of the nazi strongholds. So he really has no reason to carry a gun so that he doesn't have to kill anyone when he could just knock them out with his shield.
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