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For years, ever since I was a kid, I've wanted a Captain America costume-Had a pretty nice one from 05' that KMD made. After a few years though, with the killer subliminal dyed suits out there, I had to sell my old suit and partially finance the new one. And as I'm never going to have the bodybuilding shape of a superhero, I wanted one of Brandon's muscle suits. Mine's an early one, as he was just starting out last year.

Sold a lotta props to pay for this- Star Wars, etc. all got sold.
Got the suit from Brad- Spidey4Fun, who was awesome to work with. All my questions, his questions, etc. all came together as he produced a superb Cap suit. Brad did one helluva job on the cowl, it really tied the whole suit together.
Brandon came through with his muscle suit (or steroid suit as I call it!)

Got it last fall, had to re-do my boots- ordered them from an online pirate shop- the model was wearing them standing on grass-& showing only front & outside views. Got them and discovered the soles were only 1/8" thick, looked like women's boots! And the flap didn't go all the way around?! WTF??

So, took them to my local cobbler, who glued thicker soles on and stitched a section to the flaps, making them "one" piece. Not perfect, but will do until I can afford a superb pair. After all the mods, the "cheaper" boots cost as much as the more expensive pair! Grrr...
The nulife paint keeps having to be touched up every outing, but...

I've worn the suit to WonderCon and a couple children's hospital visits. I've been pretty pleased with the results. The muscle suit looks pretty realistic, even had one guy come up to me and ask: "I want to get big too, what's your routine?" I paused, turned to him and said: "Steroids." :lol


The detailing of Brad's work is outstanding-

So, for an old dream that finally came true, I'm pretty darn happy!

A cool photo shop Wes Young did-
DUDE! That is absolutely badass! I love it!

The shape of your bady and face would easily allow you to pull off a great Tick as well.
lol i can not get enough of this suit , i had to read everything you wrote i was actually amazed to find out its a muscle suit as welll wow what a realistic awesome job ..even cooler!
Thank you all very much! I really appreciate it. It was a long time planning it. I have an absolute blast wearing it. I was going for the George Perez look in the 80's (I think that's when he was writing Cap?)

Rikarus, actually I have thought about doing a Tick costume! It'd be a ton of fun! :cool

The muscle suit just makes it. Gets warm, gotta wear underarmor, otherwise you'd be just tooooo hot. I used the suit for my Thor costume as well. I'll have to post pics of it-

On a recent photo shoot with the rest of the West Coast Avengers, Wes Young did this killer photoshop- It's a great pic, kinda wish I'd noticed my belt had slipped down just a bit, making me look a bit pudgy (dammit!:rolleyes)but it's a awesome pic!

That's great!!! =] I love Capt. America and this looks really well done. I had no clue there was a muscle suit under that. It looks really natural.
Thank you all VERY much! Cap has been such a blast to wear, I don't know that I'll ever do another superhero!

Rev Batman, I don't remember which online pirate shop I got the boots from. I found the boots at a few places though, ended up buying them at the cheapest shipping place. But remember, they have really thin soles and the flaps don't connect- In my first post, I go over what I had to do them. While I am happy with them now, I was pretty disappointed when they arrived. I ended up spending more to modify them, then I would have had I just bought the more expensive ones first.
That costume came out tough Rex! Good work fo' sho! Where did you get that muscle suit again or who made it?

Thanks bro! The muscle suit is made by Brandon, of flex design costumes. Lean Muscle Suits
At the time I ordered mine (last summer) he made 3 sizes, med, regular (mine) and behemoth! Hulk sized! Now he makes lean, standard,super & giant. You can also add more veins, etc.

They are not cheap by any means, I sold a lot of nice props to get it. But, for those of us who are not going to be able to build our bodies into "superhero shape", it can't be beat. I wear UnderArmor Heat Gard under the suit and it helps me tremendously. Otherwise, you'd heat up pretty quickly. With the UnderArmor, I've been in the suit for several hours. You know how hot it can get inside a Convention- it keeps me comfortable in the suit.

lmk if I can help!
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