Captain America Jacket anbody have one of these


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I'm assuming that nobody has 1
But as far as comments go I like the 1 that David over at UD replicas (who has the license for The First Avenger jacket) did better than this.
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I'd much rather have that brown leather double-breasted jacket...

That's what I thought the thread was about...


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I've got one. It's a good quality jacket and it'll look the part except for the big zipper seam between the white star. Also, the brown on the gauntlets is much brighter than I would've liked. Finding gloves to match them has been next to impossible, so either re-dye/recolor the gauntlets to whatever color gloves you have or find big gauntlet leather gloves to cover them up. It's one of the better replica jackets out there right now. Of course, when David's one is done, that'll be the best. Until then, this one is a good choice.
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