Captain America Helmet and Shield

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    Hi guys! I'm quite new here and this is my first time posting, please be nice :D
    A friend of mine commissioned me to make Cap's Helmet and Shield for him, he wanted the helmet to be the stealth helmet from the movies and the shield to be the usual red and blue. I'm still on it now but just to share, here are a few progress images. hopefully I'll be able to finish it next week. It's been 2 months now that I've been working on it.

    For the Helmet:
    I used ceramic clay and a fibreglassed pepakura helmet as base for the sculpt.
    Then I used RTV Silicone for the mold and fibreglass for the mother mold since I have to slush cast
    I slush casted it with rondo and after a couple of layers I placed fibreglass mat(woven) on the next layer to reinforce and slushed a couple more layers. of just polyester resin this time, in the end I got it to almost 5mm thickness after all the layerings.
    After cleaning up I painted it with grey primer then a few light coats of black and blue until I got the color I wanted, then I retouched and detailed with Acrylic and then sprayed clear.
    Now I just have to make the chin protector and interior lining and straps, hopefully I get to finish fast.
    11825020_10203167779674917_2090780357301544338_n.jpg 11749484_10203098833711311_681387380_n.jpg 11759648_10203098833311301_498057265_n.jpg 11741742_10203098832911291_1786832826_n.jpg 11880462_10200697363431776_4819815796486172575_n.jpg 11891001_10200697364071792_1284482313658116092_n.jpg 11892203_10200697363391775_351767045764234568_n.jpg 11903844_10200697363831786_8383275298370288771_n.jpg 11926000_10200697364151794_4761183876268675161_n.jpg

    For the shield:
    I made a basic shield base from sketchup and then pepakura. Backed it with fibreglass to serve as base, layered bondo on the outside and layered plaster after, I sculpted the plaster and then I did the same as the helmet. RTV Silicone Mold, Fibreglass mother mold. Slush cast with rondo for the first 2 layers and then fibreglass. Altho the only difference is I used 2 layers of fibreglassing here instead of one since it's kind of flexible with just one, I wanted it to be sturdy.
    I'm planning to put rubber mat backing and then the straps. I'm planning to just use maybe a kind of flat hook to secure it in the shield holder backpack-ish thingy heeheee
    Maybe you guys have some idea on that part, I'm having a hard time trying to think of how to secure the shield on cap's back.
    11800329_10200641390232481_7083393343223910894_n.jpg 11811531_10200641389632466_8863431516064848047_n.jpg 11780642_1486609904969937_537815672_n.jpg 11868873_1486609934969934_1175216083_n.jpg 11903330_1486852061612388_252679954_n.jpg 11896947_1486609744969953_688783684_n.jpg

    Love you guys! :*
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    Looks awesome so far (y))
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    So I ended up making detachable leather interior for the helmet and sculpting and casting the chin support in rondo. Did the straps with black instead since I can't find brown ones where I am, kind of a bummer.
    IMG_6333.JPG IMG_6332.JPG IMG_6325.JPG IMG_6338.JPG IMG_6041.JPG IMG_6336.JPG

    And the shield, I painted and weathered as if it's just from war heehee. I attached two belts on the back as holder, tho i forgot to take a pic before i gave it to my friend. maybe i'll ask him for a pic soon.
    IMG_6340.JPG IMG_6366.JPG IMG_6365.JPG

    And then for the shield holder, I modeled from clay and casted in rondo too, Then attached belts to look like a backpack. Then I ended up just making a S-shape hook to hold the shield, kinda basic but really holds well enough.
    IMG_6040.JPG IMG_6362.JPG IMG_6363.JPG IMG_6364.JPG

    I'll try to take decent pics when i get the chance to borrow it hahaha. I got too tight on the deadline i forgot the pics.
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    Nothing to be bummed about.
    That is a great looking helmet and nice leather lining.

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