Captain America Helmet Accessories

Hi all!

Is there anywhere I can get those triangle parts on the chin strap made in metal? After a google search, I found an old thread here where a member did a run but they was several years back and the user has t been on since 2017.

I tried printing ones in PLA but they don’t seem durable enough due to the thinness. I even printed at 100% infill. The best option I have is going metal. But I have no idea how to do that on my own. I was hoping they’d be available somewhere.

I have a helmet from CATTOYS and they use metal triangle clips. Is there anyway to get something like what they use?

Thank You!
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Take your PLA prints and press them into some damp sand (upside down) to make an impression mold. Then melt down some aluminum soda cans (see YouTube) and pour into the sand mold.

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