Captain America: Heater Shield or Standard Shield??

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    Hi everyone.

    I'm working on a Captain America costume, and I'm trying to decide on a shield.

    The costume itself is a mashup of different parts from different costumes...the body suit is from "Avengers." The gauntlets are from "Avengers." The helmet is loosely based on "The First Avenger." The boots are general leather boots that look kind of WWII-ish. The utility belt (and maybe shoulder harness) will be reminiscent of the one from the Stealth Suit from "Winter Soldier." The gloves that go with the gauntlets are just brown leather motorcycle gloves.

    Basically, it's a bunch of stuff kind of mixed up into one, but to me it's still clearly Cap.

    I've got one of the cheap plastic round shields, which I was planning on upgrading with some modifications and probably paint. However, I was looking around and it looks like I could make a pretty nice heater shield that would end up looking pretty good.

    Looking for some opinions here...since most of the rest of my costume is from the era of costumes when the normal round shield was being used, would it seem "off" to use a heater shield with the costume? The costume is supposed to just be a Cap costume, not from any one source, which I think I've accomplished fairly it's not really tied to any particular shield, but I'm not sure if the heater shield would not really fit with the rest of the outfit.

    Here's some pictures of the stuff from the costume for reference:



    Gauntlet and glove




    Body Suit with Everything On It (Except the gloves, they don't fit on the mannequin's hands)


    For what it's worth, and this is a side note, I'll be adding straps to the helmet, using bronze bits on the sides of the helmet's leather, and the belt (to tie in the bronze on the boots), and making the utility belt based on the different movies.

    Any input is appreciated.


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