Captain America Bust Costum cimic vertion(P.R.)


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Hi this is my second sculpture in clay, it is lifesize and is my personal vertion of Captain America comic. In this vertion I add more details like ears, skin texture and mask texture I work very hard in this proyect and I want to know your opinion.


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As a self appointed Captain America expert. :) I can without any doubt say that you are doing a perfect job on sculpting and capturing Captain America in bust form. That is without a doubt one of the best. Keep it up!


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The textures look REALLY well done. That helmet looks crazy! The only critiques I have are the eyes, the iris area, and the ears. The ears just look a bit...I can't quite put my finger on it...just odd. Other than those two things, this is a good piece. A marked improvement over your last. Keep at it. Again, the textures are amazing.


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Hi, thank's for your coments. I work in the mold and I have the first piece in fiber glass. I'm very happy with the final result. I will make another, if you are interest the prize is $130.00 & shipping. Just let me know your opinions. This are photos of the process.
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