Captain America Bucky Rescue WWII outfit.


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JACKET: ($650 as shown here, and there are plenty of other options for a little more or a little less) to handle orders until it goes up on the website very soon.
Goggles: AN-6530 replicas at
Paratrooper Helmet(or appropriate parts): has good ones, but so do a few others
Paratrooper boots: a few places have these for around $120ish, those made by SMS out of Mexico are very accurate and well made
Leggings: can find vintage easily, but for larger legged folk has new 4R and 5R also
82nd style reinforced paratrooper trousers:
- fit, only slightly big once hot washed and dried, you need to request the leg straps in the correct canvas for $10 extra=$85 total)
- have reinforced versions right now, these are $75 with correct 82nd details/leg straps already, pants are very long fitting in crotch rise and leg, so definitely need hot wash hot dry to shrink length, waist is close to correct.
Suspenders: Standard 1936 suspenders,
General Purpose Carrying Strap: (2 needed if doing early rescue full suspender style)
2 Compass Pouches:
Map Case Strap:
Cartridge Belt:
Holster WW2 .45 with leg tie: has nice natural leather to start with
Paratrooper Gloves: are cow, whatpriceglory say theirs are horse as originals
Shield: this is the official Marvel Replica that was still available last year for ~$350
Shirt: scratch built, thick stretch material in Royal Blue

Just to compare to the OG outfit:

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Re: Captain America USO WWII outfit.

That looks really cool.:cool

I'm going to be working on the same costume (although I've collected a few of the pieces already)...

Where did you find some of the pieces? - I'm having a hard time finding the right goggles, the little leather strap across the 'brim' of the helmet, and a place to get the correct harness...
Re: Captain America USO WWII outfit.

death - try here for the goggles...

Most of the harness and ammo belt stuff you can find on atthefront or on ebay, just need to get the right combo of gear to make it all together. Its made from all legit WWII gear, Map pouches and strap, cartridge belt stuff, suspenders...then you have to custom some stuff together with extra D-rings.
For the helmet, you will need to get stuff to change it over to the paratrooper hardware, that will come with the leather strap you need as well as all tha a-strap and other pieces.
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Re: Captain America USO WWII outfit.

Looks awesome, are you going to weather the costume at all? i think it would look even better if you weather the web gear and jacket a little.
Re: Captain America USO WWII outfit.

Looks great. I'm doing a helmet for myself too. I really like the WW2 costume. I've got the goggles (from the same place as you) and the airborne liner....just need to pick up a nice M1 :)
Re: Captain America USO WWII outfit.

Nope, you have to go full-on reinforced paratrooper 82nd style for the trousers to be legit, you can tell by Cap's leg strap that was the style they used for his outfit.
Re: Captain America USO WWII outfit.

Thanks Frosty!
Here are a few more casual shots for when I don't need the whole rig on...


Re: Captain America USO WWII outfit.

Looks awesome... I have been looking for the WW II jump boots and gloves...

Very impressive
Re: Captain America USO WWII outfit.

Freakin cool! I like the zipper, never knew it zipped offset like that. Great job, its gonna look rad with the weathering
Re: Captain America USO WWII outfit.

thanks fellas... the outfit will debut at DragonCon this week, sadly I won't be there to enjoy it this year, but a fellow member will be sporting the outfit and is even marching in the parade...
I think he actually fits the part better than I do, so it should go over pretty well.
Next I'll have it out at NYCC in Oct.

Coach - got my boots on ebay, really accurate, I'll try to grab the vendor for you. The gloves I got the same place as the goggles, whatpriceglory...but atthefront and others do have that same style also.
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