Captain America Blu Ray


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I got the movie yesterday, i have to tell you there are good many good stuff from the making of the Captain America suit and the make up of the Red Skull that take almost 4 hours of make up, plus over 10 silicone pieces for the mask section and they remove the nose with cgi.
Sorry but i cannot give you one, i just have one and it is not mine, Here is the photo of the blu dvd ORIGINAL.Also I have the Pirates Caribbeans 4 too on Blu ray and original too. Like i said i nave a direct connection with company distributor, they only problem are very expensive.
If you're talking extra money, it's generally not worth it.. POTC4 comes out in a few days anyway, I can just walk into Best Buy and pick it up.
What is the official release date of Cap? And why has it taken so long for Pirates 4 to come out? It seems like it's been a LONG time since it was in theaters, at least by modern standards.
I remember back in the good ol' VHS days it would take up to a year or longer for movies to come out for sale.
With how quickly DVDs can be produced - and also how early the production companies begin working on the 'special features', we see movies hit the market within five months of its original theatrical release.
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