Captain America baby costume! - WIP


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Guess what it'll be! I'll post pictures of progress. Though the next set will ultimately give it away.

I'll give this like 24 hours and then post the next set. (No, she's not going to be a giant ladybug :lol)



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Re: My baby daughter's costume! - WIP - Guess!

-sigh- okay - no guesses huh?

Well since those pictures above, I ripped off those pesky legs and antennae. Sanded down the whole helmet and gave it a coat of some metallic blue paint. Then I masked off an "A" and painted that white.

The shield is from the toy store. I was thinking of getting an accurate metal one, but I think that would have just ended badly.

After this I have to start working on the costume. So much more to do :confused






(Yes, I'm going for the big cute 'dark helmet' like helmet, instead of an accurately sized helmet.)
Re: My baby daughter's costume! - WIP - Guess!

Awesome! cute kid she will make a great Captain America. My 5 year old is going as Cap for Halloween this year as well.:)
Got some more work done on the costume. Still have to tweak a lot of things.
The costume base was NOT made by me. I decided I just didn't have the strength. A lot of it is going to be customized though. I may have to resew the entire costume just so it fits my daughter.

Things left to do - dye straps - add straps to red boots - shorten sleaves - sew harness into costume - add 3d chest star... etc.


Inspection time - Last minute adjustments


Daddy!! This isn't Vibranium!!!




Yes the pouches are oversized. Believe it or not they don't make ammo pouches for babies.. Who would have guessed. :lol So like the helmet, they're oversized. I thought it might add to the cuteness. Though, i'll have to see if my daughter will wear them after I get them secured onto the harness, and the harness secured onto the costume.
hahaaa thats really cute ave4uevoli nice work :)

the ammo pouches are perfect for big handfuls of candy!

hope we get to see her suited and booted as a very cute little captain!

i wish halloween was as big over here in the UK :(
Needs more tweaking - but it's coming along. I have to hem the legs to the right length. Attaching ww2 pouches to a baby safety harness was a real pain in the ass.. For some reason, they weren't really built for that. :lol

Thankfully, my daughter likes the costume, but she's not too crazy about the helmet. Ah wells... 20 or so more days to get her used to it :thumbsup

This is about as "screen accurate" as i'm getting. I'm tinkering with the idea of adding straps on the boots and dying the harness grey, brown or green. After these pics I'll be adding a red skirt - because - y'know - she's a girl. I don't want her to grow up with a complex (but it might be too late for that) :lol





Getting into the Halloween spirit! But it's snowing here in NY so I don't know how much we'll be able to do outside this year. Wearing nothing but spandex is a bit chillier than I remember :)

Anyways - we spent a lot of time getting her used to her costume that we forgot to get her used to ME :lol She wasn't too happy when she saw me in the suit...

Actually, she looked just like this emoticon... :confused




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