Captain America Avengers Cowl Sculpt


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Ive been looking at the new Avengers movie coming out soon and i decided that i want Captain Americas cowl/helet.
heres a good pic just in case we were not all on the same page... this is not TFA cowl. so lets get started.
its a nice profile shot of what Ive started. as you can see there isnt detail and its laid on thick...dont worry the detailing will come later.
not much done yet, just laying down the basics. im open to advice or any kind of criticism, but more advice please. So im going to make a mold and cast this puppy when its done and hopefully have it complete before the movie comes out. sorry its been a while since i posted progress.. darn you work. it took me while to cut the ear pieces out of balsa wood.
so after i cut the wood i hot glued a couple of pieces on and then sculped clay to give it angles and demension.
and i added solder around the edge to give it some flare. i need to vacuum form the ear pieces.
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yeah sorry ive been super busy with the wife.
here i tried to smooth the lumps out with Vaseline.. it worked but ive found out that the clay i use doesnt smooth out very well so im trying to think of a cost productive way to fix my situation


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here is what it looked like after 2 different times trying to smooth it out.. its not bad but i need it better than that.

so ive bought new clay and im just gonna sit down when it comes and power through to catch up for lost time.


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thanks!! it means a lot. my wife did the head mold but i made her watch a life casting dvd and i had to walk her through it till she covered my
you can order dvds from


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so i finally have my clay.. ive been super busy with some star wars bandoliers.. anyway i started the other day again so ill be posting pics soon. thanks for everything.


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so i couldnt get it as smooth as i wouldve liked so i made a hard copy and sanded it and filled in low spots.

so its not too bad, but it still needs work. i also poured a rubber cast just to see how it fit

lets keep in mind that was for funsies and theres still work that needs to be done. so when i get it to where its suppose to be im going to do a clay pour and add the wings and the A and the rest of the detail.


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I suspect for long time that how you can make cap helmet. Then it was clearly when I saw the detail section technique from last pics. Awesome >_<d
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