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Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by BobbyS95, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. BobbyS95

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    We've all heard some negative things about Cap's new costume for The Avengers, but that was before the final photos were released. After looking at this picture, I love the new costume and think it is better than the TFA costume. What do the rest of you think?
  2. Paul Andrew

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    Slims him down a bit much imo. I liked the bulkier 1st avenger costume more.
  3. EyeofSauron

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    no cowl pic -> doesnt say anything. the suit isnt that bad. the cowl is horrible
  4. Vykk Draygo

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    I would have liked the chainmail look but I think they did a good job of merging the comics with the reality of what a Cap Costume would look like.
  5. JD

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    Ugh. In all honesty, from the neck down it isn't too bad... way too busy, too many straps and doodads.

    It's the cowl/mask that just ruins the whole thing. WTF were they thinking? Someone had to see how that looked and say something, 'Geez, his head looks like a balloon.'

    The helmet mask from CA:TFA wasn't that great, but it's way better than this monstrosity.
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  6. Alan Cross

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    Yeah. Agree. The rest of the suit is great. But the Avengers cowl looks cheesy. The helmet-esque cowl in the Captain America movie looked good. Can you find a final Avengers photo of Cap wearing the cowl?
  7. Kerr Avon

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    Much preferred the look of WW2 stock items modified than this suit.

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