Captain America AoU Project - Going 100% Accurate

Pannaus Props

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Hey guys, these here are some of the pictures of my project for a super accurate AoU Cap suit.

This was my start for the helmet.

11011283_914946905205884_2016439464909923923_n.jpg 10989118_914946928539215_6490985986858024486_n.jpg 1510941_914946955205879_2932980597815690143_n.jpg 11002512_914946991872542_546185479095399429_n.jpg

Used our tfa cast, but since it was not accurate enough shape ways I went on to modify it with some filler.

11081254_932276176806290_5870469854222928387_n.jpg 1491752_929977887036119_8049961656327849942_n.jpg 11058500_929977753702799_3208637976652493008_n.jpg

I then thought about doing an accurate pattern/texture that I have seen in any helmet on the internet.
That's the first test:


i then did my templates on the computer and proceeded to laser etch the texture on the petg to get this result:

984304_936886596345248_6362581933502155442_n.jpg 11084252_936886723011902_5653505948257168567_n.jpg 11133832_939408209426420_6717031691683887402_n.jpg 10628567_939408559426385_6423749456974413411_n.jpg 11126736_939408496093058_7494092039735238588_n.jpg 10403706_940993482601226_9180503367736185465_n.jpg 11120506_944434202257154_4932633376933472980_n.jpg 10349159_936886649678576_2156064412076759099_n.jpg

This took many hours and a lot of material wasting.
I had to redo the side panels at least 8 times for many reasons. One being that petg gets very fragile when laser etched:


Anyway, after wasting a lot of time trying to get everything has simmetric as possilble i got to a a point where I was pretty happy with the outcome:


I had to use filler to fill the gaps I would leave between parts of petg:


This was to make sure the petg wouldn't inflate and create annoying bubbles.


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Pannaus Props

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The suit was quite a challenge too, but there's not much to say about. Pictures will actually tell more than words:
Feel free to ask questions if you want ;)

11083841_932092620157979_5940697668095283708_n.jpg 11036949_929445503756024_6694095817096944009_n.jpg 10636065_932092160158025_8792281647009440299_n.jpg 11084249_932092416824666_3830270148912218503_n.jpg 1002529_930032897030618_4442982812030074820_n.jpg 11025835_929906123709962_1818719531122801100_o.jpg 1601343_927592293941345_5778550113301683039_n.jpg 10437622_927592093941365_5110577775378324113_n.jpg 11034906_925944694106105_3424876960846395224_n.jpg

11041219_934791843221390_7213034622534398637_n.jpg 11008058_941387279228513_3012148816218519654_n.jpg 11088235_941410335892874_8036498800806761138_n.jpg 11149406_941486249218616_2912691848065451418_n.jpg 11010560_946975018669739_5833221813291856154_n.jpg 11037012_963014760399098_6129610412258756007_n.jpg 11377390_963014823732425_5217244991075039060_n.jpg 17305_936351883065386_690377643179695853_n.jpg 11053428_941592102541364_4600764260010633381_n.jpg 11075292_933701319997109_8651969204057395275_n.jpg


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Nice job! This is my favourite variant of the Captain America suit by far, and you've certainly managed to do it justice up to now.
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Pannaus Props

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@Pannaus Props your work is really excellent man..i just have one question :p on what material you made those texture pattern.. i mean did you put that petg on putty or some other material?? 11133832_939408209426420_6717031691683887402_n.jpg 11126736_939408496093058_7494092039735238588_n.jpg 10628567_939408559426385_6423749456974413411_n.jpg



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