Captain America AoU helmet for kid


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Hi all again!

I'm continue with my good parenting adventure and decided to make an captain america helmet in age of ultron variant.

The base for the helmet is JFcustom unfold with freehanded layers over it.


The base material is diamond textured yoga mats from Decathlon. This material is softer, lighter and more elastic than regular EVA foam and is ideal for kids costumes and props.

To make the layers over the base helmet, using some reference pictures, I've drawn over the helmet, then with craft (2mm) EVA foam I've tried to make these layers.

IMG_6550.JPG IMG_6555.JPG IMG_6556.JPG

Before the paint job, I've covered the helmet with 2 layers of white glue (first 50/50 watered, the second 80/20). The paint is made with brushed acrylic art paints (2 thin layers for each color): dark blue as base coat, the top layer with the same blue mixed with light blue (60/40) and the details with silver. The acrylic art paints are very elastic and are nice, like the yoga mats, for kids because it can be bended in a extreme way.


For adding more personal fun and challenge to the build I made the "leather" chin/ears cover (I don't know how to call it). I've made it with 2 layers of craft EVA foam reinforced with sew work (awful work). It can be attached/detached with glued/sewed snaps.


The final product with and without my little boy:

IMG_6584.JPG IMG_6581.JPG

I know its a little big for him, but if he cares he'll be able to play for years...

As usual, sorry for my poor english.
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