Captain America AoU CosplaySky suit modifying

Clark HD

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Hey guys well after modifying my old stealth suit I sold it and bought the new cosplaysky AoU suit which I have a lot planned for.

The suit fits great so thankfully there is no need to tailor it, I'm simply going to be improving pieces of the costume I'm not happy with.


gang 2.jpg dead.jpg



new suit.jpg new suit back.jpg

Planned Modifications

1. The shoulder detailing and thigh detailing will be cast in navy rubber like the movie suit, also improvement of the shoulder shape.

2. Red rubber chest arrows.

3. New gloves.

4. I will be re 3d printing the magnets from my previous suit.

5. Attaching the 3D printed knees.

6. Complete new harness and belt from real leather.

7. Metal pieces for said leather (on order from dstengler).

8. 3d build and print the buckle.

9. Magnet system for the shield to attach to my back.

10. Paint my new shield.

11. Paint and complete my maufett helmet.

12. Suit weathering.

13. Casting of the avengers logo for the shoulders.

Thanks for looking people!


- - - Updated - - -

I intend to weather this suit on the white areas, does anyone have any tips for doing this?

Looking to achieve something like this

View attachment 481807

gang 2.jpg


new suit back.jpg

new suit.jpg
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I know everybody else on this site is great with costumes, so you'll probably disagree, but I'm really impressed with this costume and I saw a stealth suit from Cosplay Sky at a recent con that surprised me. I wish I could see some pics of the new Avengers Cap suit I see on ebay.

GLM The Captain

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I have the same suit and I want to get rid of that 'shine' that it has. Someone had mentioned wiping the suit down with acetone. Would regular nail polish remover work since it has acetone in it? Has anyone else done this? Would really like to know what the results were like.


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How are your mods going? I am curious about the replacement rubber parts and the 3D printed knees because those seem like excellent improvements.
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