CAP Stormtrooper Helmet, Conversion

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im always a little dubious about putting my work on here as it no where near the standards of most however a while back a purchased a CAP Stormtrooper helmet from a member here after hearing good things about them (the helmet)

When it arrived it looked awful, the build skills were not very good at all, the helmet had been built in a way that nothing looked right, it was mis shaped.
The painting was awful, wrong ear pins and mic tips the list was endless.

I completely stripped it down to find under the ears was like i pin cushion basically the helmet in reality was worth a fraction of what i actually paid for it.

The cap has a massive gap, so this will have to be unscrewed and brought forward flush with the face plate


The view from the back of the helmet looking at the right ear has awful gaps, the ear piece will need to be trimmed


The Mic tips sit proud and are not Mic tips im familiar with at all


The screw in the bottom of the ear have been painted white and this has discoloured and gone like powder

all the painting is awful you can see the brush marks in the tears and in some cases the white of the helmet shows through the grey

More terrible paint work and again those horrible pins in the helmet


i completely stripped it down and noticed it had been trimmed really badly note the face plate


All rebuilt Now and weathered Sandtrooper Style, all re trimmed and fitted together properly, correct Ear pins new flat lenses better paint job and of course weathered

By the way

I spent the last couple of days finishing this, when i recieved back in December last year and stripped it down i became so dispondant with it i left it for a long while, i recently tackled the problems with it hence the amount of time between photo dates.
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