Cap Stealth Suit inspired motorcycle suit ... It's all SMP's fault ...


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The dangers of being a marvel fan and motorcyclist, as well as someone who can sew, have led me to this point. That, and putting on around 40lbs ...

Due to the weight gain, most of it healthy muscle (most but not all), my current motorcycle suit no longer fits me. And as I commute on my MC when there isn't snow or ice on the roads, I need the protection of my suit, just in case. The brand of suit I wear, produced by these guys:

... isn't cheap. It is actually more expensive than some of the more elaborate costume builds I have seen here. AS I debated which kidney I would sell to buy the replacement suit, I came across SMP's multiple Captain America costume builds. Lo and behold, he even made them out of Cordura, the main component of my current suit. And that same Cordura comes in a Navy blue that matches the stealth suit!!

Armed with that info, and having chatted a small bit with SMP, I decided to tackle creating a Stealth Suit styled Aerostich 2 piece knockoff.

My hope is to go make something like this:


... look like this:


I am using 500d Navy Cordura for the lion's share of the build, with a little bit of 500d Burgandy for the red details, and 3M reflective fabric to reproduce the stripes. I will also, eventually, purchase a Cosplay Sky chest star to use when I want the suit to double as a costume, but that is down the road.

Construction is not going as quickly as I would like, but it is moving along. I am almost done with the drafting/slope pattern for the pants. Need to draft on the stealth suit elements, and it will be ready for cutting apart and pattern creation. Then I need to start on the jacket.

I will try and update this as I go along.


P.S. for those interested on the cost comparison:

A new 2 piece Aerostich (not very stylish) runs around $1300.
I have purchased enough Cordura and Gortex fabric to make the suit with, and I have less than $200 into material.
And this project is stalled to the extreme ...

Though my daughter keeps asking me to get back to it.
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