Cap America TFA helmet for display


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Hey everyone, been lurking for a while and figured I'd share my first work. I bought a couple of TFA helmet pieces - the shell is from that studio shop on eBay that sells them, while I believe the chin strap piece is from CaptainSuperman's old helmet that I bought off him on eBay. I did all the painting myself, tried to get the paint and stencils to look as close to the movie version with my limited amateur abilities. Also painted silver underneath the blue so I could scratch off the outer layer for the battle damage effects then used a graphite pencil to add in a few darker scars near the damage, came out pretty well actually.

This was my first stab, I'm currently working on a second shell (CaptainSuperman's old shell) that actually fits me, the one shown will fit up to a 22" head, too small for me. Word of advice to those looking at the eBay one, it does NOT fit up to a 24" despite what their item description says. I'm also having Dale Morton do the chin strap in leather instead of closed cell foam so it can be more screen accurate and costume-friendly, can't wait!






For now I'm keeping this helmet as a display but will probably go up for auction or sale in the coming months when I get my second helmet ready, PM me if interested.


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Found some extra time over NY holiday so I did the other shell that fits me, MUCH happier the second time around. Some key changes - made the 'A" a bit smaller, used a matte clear finish instead of satin. It's the same paint but different lighting, took these pics at night so had to use my camera phone's flash. This shell had less battle damage than the first one I did, so less scratching to do.

This is the one I'll be sending to Dale for the leather piece, hoping to get it back sometime in Q1, will post pics when it's 100% complete :)





Added some more pics with different lighting and no flash

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Thanks guys! I'm building this helmet to go along with a TFA costume display once UD Replicas releases their suit later this year along with a Chris Fields shield, will likely source the drop leg holster and black shoulder strap from a custom leather shop locally. I've asked Dale to build the helmet leather straps to about 95% screen accurate.

Obviously pics will be forthcoming in the coming months ;)
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