Cantwell T16 Skyhopper research thread


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I think # 25 is from the 1/20 Entex 1907 Itala Dune Buggy (also by Union Model and Midori as Pechino Parigi).
I also believe that parts #22 and possible also #65 come from this kit too. The Entex parts are silver chromed, but the Union and Midori parts are gold chromed. Would need to cut parts from trees and fit together to confirm.......


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I’m nearing the end of my build and just needs a few parts, but those are what I’m needing right now.


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58, 59, 60 are all one part. The kit hasn't been seen on eBay in over half a decade, it's that weird and rare.
Do you need a casting?

54 is an acorn nut, easily obtainable at Ace hardware :)

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