Cantwell T16 Skyhopper research thread

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I have received permission from a very generous Cesar from Toromodelstudio to use his great hi-res pics of the T16 skyhopper to create parts maps like the Cantwell Xwing. In looking for parts for the X i have found those same kits are used on the T16. I have transfered my notes to Cesars pics and number everything. I didn't want to start that until i had permission to use his pics, i wanted to use his pics because they are awesome.:thumbsup

A special Thanks! to the following for their help.
Cesar from Toromodelstudio, Moffeaton, Max Zephyr, MonsieurTox, vaderdarth, Modeleers, Apophis, 1138

UPDATE 4-5-19 Here are the original parts maps except i've updated them with the last batch of stuff i've found. There are a few parts still missing but i seem to have come to a wall and hopefully someone out there will find them to make this complete.

Here are a few pics of the vehicle.



Parts maps begin














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The bottom tripod thingie is a brass shade frame from an antique lamp perhaps an oil lamp or something. I saw it while searching for another greeblie and haven't found it since. Maybe if we all search for it. Do a search for lamp spider.



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I think the Body of the gun (#5) is the Engine Block (upside-down) & from the AMT Wrecker / Big Rig (1/24th scale tow truck). I have one in my kit stash that I will have to unearth in order to verify. (I do know that the wheels of same were used on the Training Remote sphere)
I think the half barrel shapes (#8 on engine block) are fuel tank halves (but from a smaller scale big rig (1/32nd).

I also think my friend Nathan has more pics (better?) of the T16 that he & I had taken at the very 1st SW exhibit in San Fran.

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Yes it is a truck block on the gun. Please check when you get a chance. I think the chrome barrels are the air cleaners from the same truck.
Does any one have kit scans of the AMT Titan 90? On the back of this bird there is a Titan 90 rear wheel or one like it in the center.


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Just want to say I love these cantwell posts zombie killer! And...

I have a titan 90 I'm using for an at-st (someday). I'll check the kit.

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I added another view of the lower gun showing the rear most parts.
I updated MonsieurTox's rear pic with some clearer views of the parts and added the actual kit part next to that. Lots of 1/24 Airfix Hawker Hurricane parts on the rear. There are more parts in there but i think i will create a second rear view with the missing parts. More maps to come!


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So happy someone is finally, seriously tackling this project (y)thumbsup

Here is my little contribution...

HAWK 1/50 Crusader Tank makes up the basis for the under-structure of the c0ckpit. It also contributes a smaller part, as in this image...

My kit is in storage so i can't scan right now, but it is confirmed!:)

Uploaded with

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Thanks 1138. If you get a chance i'd love to get a scan of it. If it's used here then it probably donates other parts also. I noticed some familliar lookin pieces in a tamiya and Airfix crusader kits like the rectangle boxes under the wings. I updated the right top map with the part. I will make up the hull map tonight or tommorow.

Thanks again 1138.


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Not to hijack Zombie killers thread, I have five of these heatsinks, and will give them away FREE to anyone who wants one to build this hopper, just PM me your addy and i will send you one, only the first five.

Zombie Killer

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That copula on the rear looks to be a 1/72 or 1/48 panther?

Yes you are correct. I looked at the training ball type and it's a little different. Haven't had a chance to go kitscan searching again to find the correct panther.

Thank you Apophis for the heatsink offer. Since i have one i would rather they go to those that don't have one yet.

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