Can't find Tony Stark's sunglasses from Iron Man 3


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I tought about what you said and since there is not an authorized Paul Smith store where I live, I compared them with my PS Cortlands. Took a really good look at all the details of the frame, box, cloth bag and everything seems legit to me.

I have not been as participative recently because I got very sick, covid caused me a severe pneumonia and had to stay hospitalized for 8 days. My symptoms began on june 26th and have been struggling since then. Last week I finally went back to the office so I can be productive again. I have been feeling better each day, but it’s a prolongued recovery. I’ve had a lot of time to think about a lot of things and one of them was that sometimes things happen to people and they never have the chance to say goodbye and the groups they keep comunicaton with, may never know why that stopped. It was just a tought. I’ve have kept my self positive and grateful to overcome this desease and l’m really happy to say hi to all of you guys!

Keep on rocking! ✌
We're your family, man! We love ya!! Keep being positive.


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Thank you.
Acetate scrap was melted with acetate welding liquid and molded with hand file and sandpaper. And the compound.

Acetate welding liquid are very useful for the maintenance of vintage sunglasses.
Wow! So you added material to the existing tips? Or did you make new tips from scraps? Did you take any pictures of the middle steps?


Wow! So you added material to the existing tips? Or did you make new tips from scraps? Did you take any pictures of the middle steps?
existing tips. I cut it in the hole in the center of the guitar pick, melted the cut scraps with liquid, and filled the dent with it. I'm sorry I didn't take a picture,


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Found some Gunnar Vayper Neptune for $20 USD



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Also here's a fun challenge, anyone figure out these Doolittle glasses?
I happened to come back to this, I believe these are actual antiques, they are correct for late 19th century, the type is called "carriage spectacles" or "railway spectacles". You opened the windows of railroad cars for ventilation and there was quite a bit of smoke and cinders from the steam engine so the hinged side lenses kept out debris.

This example is commonly called a "double D" on Ebay and the side lens is exactly the same size and shape as the main lens, I assume so it folds up neatly in a tidy carrying case slipped in your pocket.


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Oh, also Magnoli has recreation frames for $95... I know all you guys are Doolittle megafans so you're gonna want those for sure! (I think maybe the lens might be bigger than Downey's though)
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Frame finding skills that I learned here are coming in handy over in the Free Guy thread... I identified 2 pretty quick. They're even still in production. Thank You! to you all.


I made a lens with half shadow flash mirror polycarbonate goggles. I changed a little from the previous pattern. I think it looks like a movie.
The lens curve is base 2or3


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