Canadian Stormtrooper E-11 Full Metal Air-soft Sterling

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    I am sourcing an all metal Sterling Airsoft gun made by a company called Beta Project.

    See here...

    Scottjua built an e-11 from this particular model and I think it looks great.

    I am in vancouver and am trying to get a local company to import one for me and they quoted a silly price as far as I am concerned, $650 CAD.
    They are getting it directly from the red wolf site and that is the price that was quoted to them. I figure the thing is listed at $284 U.S. on their site, with the atrocious
    conversion right now it works out to $347ish CAD. needless to say the $650 adds $300 on top? Pretty ridiculous.

    So I have written back to see if they can pull their heads out of their butts and do better. It occurs to me that some of my fellow Canadians might be interested too in getting one as a full metal sterling is basically impossible to come by in Canada.

    Is there anyone you might be interested in getting one as well? I have asked to pay $450 which is still too much but I figure if some others were interested I can use it as a bargaining chip.The only other metal sterling I can find in Canada is the action custom sterling...

    I have found that one available in Canada for $599 but its out of stock and seems would be even a little bit more with conversion.

    Neither are perfect replicas but beggars can't be choosers. I like the beta because its cheaper and seems nicer except for the totally wrong grip (Holds the airsoft motor)

    So... Anyone might be interested?

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    There are two places to get a Beta Project Sterling in Canada;
    One is here
    And the other one is here

    There are very specific laws concerning muzzle velocity and realistic appearance when it comes to importing air guns into Canada. Make sure you do not break the law! I personally know someone who was arrested simply for ordering an airsoft gun. He was cuffed the moment he accepted the package! No joke. Here are the laws, pay special attention to the part at the bottom that says "Air Guns that are Replica Firearms"
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    I'm right above you on the Coast - stand by :) Man, that's tempting but, jeeze, at $500 (CAD/USD? either way...). Not loving the grip, but depending on just where the price ends up, I'd be interested.
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    Wow, 500 canadian?!?!? I don't know the exchange rate but when i picked up one last year I think it was US 229 or so.

    The only issue is the grip really. Seems they could've moved the battery or something to get it out the handle...but oh well.

    Someone here has a thread where they removed the airsoft grip and replaced it with a demilled grip. You have to trim part of the magazine area to fit the hole left by the airsoft grip, but he seams line up with the shoulder extension and are pretty much invisible afterwards.

    I'm also considering modelling up a more accurate grip, though it'd be a good deal larger since the internal portion is larger. The idea is to see if it can be made more round and less square so it blends better.
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    The increase in price for us Canadians is due to the current exchange rate and other import fees and duties for this type of air gun. Importing one yourself could mean trouble, many US companies will refuse to even ship these types of airsoft guns across the border to Canada as it's illegal to export as well as import without going through the proper channels. You need to find a Canadian distributor and all their prices will be the same due to importation fees, customs duties, exchange rate, ect, ect. So if you can even find a US company willing to ship one to Canada good luck getting it through customs without having it ceased and destroyed, or being arrested and charged. I've seen it happen myself! Again if you read the government link I posted above there are specific Canadian laws regarding these types of air guns.

    And yes the grip is inaccurate cboath, that was actually me who replaced the grip with a real one, Lol. Here is my thread; It's actually an electric motor that's inside the grip, the battery goes inside the receiver by removing the rear end cap.
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