Can you use eyelash adhesive for fake eyebrows?


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I purchased some fake eyebrows for an upcoming con, but because spirit gum is flammable and ebay sellers take their time shipping the shipping options which would get it to me in time cost like $30 and I'm not willing to spend that.

I tried to find some toupee tape locally, but I have no idea where they would sell that. It's not at Walmart. I haven't checked the supermarket yet.

I did find some reusable scotch double sided tape in the office supply section though and that seems to stick to my skin well. It's a bit thick though, and I'm afraid it will lose its stickyness if I sweat.

The only other thing I've found is eyelash adhesive at Walmart. It says it's latex based. But I don't know if it's safe to use the large quantities needed to attach eyebrows or how to remove it.

If anyone's got any ideas for what I could use it would be helpful. If I can't find toupee tape specifically I guess I'll go with the scotch tape.


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You can find toupee tape at a wig store or some beauty supplies, like Sally's.

Costume stores or theatrical supply stores will have spirit gum. For gluing on fake eyebrows, you first need to use Barrier Spray and then spirit gum. You will also need spirit gum remover. Failure to use anyone of the three can result in removing your real eyebrows when you take off the fakes.

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