Can You Remove Filler Foam or Dissolve It?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by shenphong, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. shenphong

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    Hey guys, I've been picking up a few projects including some failed projects from friends. Some of these items are hollow resin objects that are filled with filler foam, the spray type that just shoots in their and expands. Is there any product out there that may help to dissolve/liquify the filler foam or at least loosen it up for me to remove it all out of the objects they filled or will dremeling and sanding generally be the only option?
  2. fettster

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    Maybe acetone. I'm not sure.

    If you try it, do it outside as it would give off vapours
  3. NormanF

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    I would be worried that anything that will dissolve or soften the foam will do the same thing to the resin. You might have to just go at it some sort of cutting tool and sandpaper.
  4. Contec

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    acetone only works when the foam is still need to chip away the foam with tools when it has hardened.
  5. T2SF

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    I would scrape away as much as you can by hand/tools then acetone or paintthinner.
  6. Rebelscum

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    I discovered after shooting two dozen cans of expanding foam in a framed house for sealing, that once cured, the material does not come off your hands, clothes or anything else with any method other than mechanically cutting or sanding it.

    I was actually very surprised to learn this. I put every solvent I had (many) on my hands to no avail. Then I checked their website and it said, once dried, you have to mechanically remove it (ie, sand off your skin) or just let it wear off. A combination of sanding and just letting it wear off, and it was gone in a week or so.

    Needless to say, I use nitrile gloves now when I use this stuff.

    I think this means, you can use any solvent you want, it won't remove it. You results may vary.
  7. Contec

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    Thermite will get it off your hands.........and your hands.
  8. shenphong

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    Sweet Holy Jeebus that is strong stuff. Looks like I'll be doing the psychical route then and dremeling/sanding/cutting this stuff away. I had hoped that something would be made available by now should you need to clean up mistakes or accidents, but it would appear not. Thanks for the comments guys, spent the entire nite searching up for things and the best was something found in the uk that still only worked while the foam was "wet."
  9. Damrod

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    BTDT. I used that stuff too and had to carve it off my hands and took me about a week to wear off and cut off. I think that petroleum jelly was recommended on the can to soften, but not remove and it seemed to help some, but not much.
  10. DarkJedi1500

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    Yeah, Acetone only works when it is wet.

    Now if it was the pink insulation foam board or styrofoam, then acetone will get rid of the solid material.
  11. tim

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    That was my experience as well. It looked like I had the driest skin in the world as the stuff was wearing off.

    Last people in my condo went crazy with stuff in a haphazard mouseproofing spree. I'm going to have to cover over some of the unsightly blobs they left in gaps and corners that I can't get at with removal tools.

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