Can you just jump into season 4 parks and recreation?

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by glunark, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. glunark

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    I haven't seen the first three years, but the show starts here next week, will there be loads of stuff I don't get?

    Is Chris Pratt still in it?
  2. harrisonp

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    There are some in-jokes and things like that, but generally it's still entertaining without a greater understanding of the past seasons, though that does add to it. Is there no way for you to watch the previous seasons? Chris Pratt is in season 4 still, he left in season 6 to shoot GotG.
  3. jcoffman99

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    Just read the Wikipedia pages for the first few seasons. :)
  4. glunark

    glunark Sr Member

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    Thanks guys, I didn't even realise the first three seasons had been broadcast by BBC4, a channel I never watch, and the channel that bought the series after that didn't get the rights to the first three.
  5. Westies14

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    I think if you jump in then you're jumping in just in time for the decline. S2-3 is the high water mark for that show!
  6. Solo4114

    Solo4114 Master Member

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    I dunno. I thought that the show remained consistently funny, but I also binge-watched it. S1 was the only one that I thought was kinda meh, and that was when they were still finding the tone they wanted to go with.
  7. Josemne

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    Honestly with this show it doesn't matter where you jump in. It all hinges on whether you like the Leslie Nope character or not. I can see how her over the top obsessive compulsive behavior could annoy some. If she annoys you, you wont be able to stand the show.

    I liked the show, it thought it was better when Ann (Rashida Jones) was still on the show but still funny non the less.
  8. astroboy

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    I would really start at the beginning of season 2. Season 4 being the high point for the series
  9. Trooper_trent

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    It's streaming on Netflix if you can get that.

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