Can You Cast Gorilla Glue To Make Armor Pieces? Also To Strengthen Craft Foam?


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I saw this instructable the other day:

I know that this stuff is strong but would it be strong enough to be casted and made into armor pieces. Im working on a Gokai Silver helmet from Gokaiger. When i glued some lego pieces together the foam that came out was smooth and pretty tough to dent and stuff. I was just wondering if anyone tried this and if it would be strong enough for big pieces. Also could you coat this stuff over craft foam to make it hard or would the foaming occur and ruin the craft foam.

Doesn't sound like a good idea, plus you are going to end up spending way more than if you just used resin.
I don't think youve want to use this to coat foam. The idea behind foam is that youve got a lightweight FLEXIBLE material. The Gorilla glue i've used is rock hard with no flex to it.
If your helmet requires it to be flexible on your head than of course this wouldn't be a good idea, however, if not than I'd say experiment with the stuff with scraps that you may have left over from the build and let us know what you find.
I believe you are mistaken with the type of foam to use. Craft foam is what we called foamies. It is used to apply details. It is too thin to be used as costume. What you need is EVA foam. It is half-inch thick and is very strong. There is no need to strengthen EVA foam. Once the piece is built using EVA foam, it can practically takes a lot of abuse (like running and jumping). The EVA foam needs to be sealed using Plasti-dip. This will prevent it from soaking all the paint. Plasti-dip is flexible and will not crack. I used this on my kids' ODST vest-torsos.


I used gorilla glue to stick some tiles. It foams up and become very hard. It is very difficult trying to sand it down. So, I would not recommend it.
whaaaaaaaaat. This sounds like a bad idea...I can see how casting something in glue could be useful for something really really tiny,if you already had gorilla glue around, but that's about it.If you want to seal foam,I've heard to use a 50:50 ratio of PVA glue and water.

interesting idea though! Good luck~
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