Can wood putty or wood filler be used for sculpting/casting?


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I saw some wood filler and some wood putty at the store, and it said "CAN BE STAINED" or painted or something like that.

Has anyone ever tried to squish some into a mold to make a "casting" with it?

I have an idea bouncing around in my crazy wittle head, and thought this might be a cheap/easy way to get a wood grain pattern/wood look done instead of trying to paint one.

Just wondering, didn't wanna waste the cash if it was a definite "Oh, hell no, that's stuffs horrible".



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I know this sounds strange but I have had immense results with Milliput pushed into a silicone mould. You need to press it in firmly but the detail it picks up is as good as any casting resin I've ever used.


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Not strange at all. What works, works :)

Thanks for the heads up. Gonna grab some next time I hit the store.



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Chris, if its a small prject, I think you're good.

I have used Elmer's Wood Putty primarily as a filler (works great), but have also buit a 1:72 Space Shuttle vertical stabilizer out of Elmers.

I cut the shape of the stabilize out of styrene, and built out the cross-secional shape (sort of diamond-shaped in cross-section) with the putty. Was probably 1/4 to 3/8 think at the most.

Alan Castillo

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Wood putty would not give you that wood-grain look you're after. It would just give you the colour you pick, and would look nothing like wood when dry. Remember that wood putty / filler is just that - filler, intended only to blend in any small blemishes on wood.

Personally Chris, I think you'd be better off with resin and then painted, as the putty is quite brittle when dry if its a piece over a certain size.
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