Can someone in the US message a US seller for me please?


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I'm not sure if this is in the right section or not so apologies in advance but I am after a replica item in the US which is advertised on UK ebay but, because of the way the seller has set up (accidentally, I think) the auction, I cannot message him to ask about it. I am therefore asking for someone to message him on my behalf please. I will send the message via pm and then could it be forwarded to him?
Many thanks


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I just ran into a similar problem last month (I'm in the US, seller in the UK).

I just logged into eBay's UK site with my US info and was able to "watch" the auction and contact the seller as well. The seller had a few auctions on the US site (just not the one I wanted :lol), so that may have been why I was to contact him.

Not sure if that might have worked in your situation though.