can i wash/shrink my spidey suit?


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Hello all. i bought a spiderman suit a few years back and its awesome. my only problem is that i am like 5'4" so i need the costume to shrink a little bit. i also need a muscle suit but im afraid even with the muscle suit, it will still look slightly too big on me. so, if anyone can help me, i just need to know if there is a way to shrink my suit? thank you.
i dont have a pic, but it came from ebay. it has 3d webbing but the webbing is NOT urethane it made out of some kind of fabric paint i think. it is a lycra suit. pretty much like your avatar thing on here.
The 2 problems you have are the raised webbing and the webbing lines. The fabric paint will not shrink and if you get it tailored the webbing lines won't match up
ok that kinda sucks. so any more suggestions on shrinking it? i mean how would it look if i went ahead and washed it and the webbing didnt shrink?
It would rinkle and not hold it shape at all. You would effectively ruing it. It only because of the webbing. I could shrink mine as it is lycra with printed webbing but not yours.
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