Can I show you my mask? Scarecrow, Batman Begins/The Dark Knight


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Got this in from a good friend just a little bit ago and finally got around to a few quick costume shots! It's a Tyler Hasslet, incredible work on it, and accuracy, just a shame his business practices aren't up to his artistic talent. Anyways, LOVE the mask, Scarecrow has always been my favorite Batman villain, and I really liked what Nolan did with Dr. Crane in the movies, especially the mask, as twisted and evil as it is, paralleling how he really is deep down.
Now all I need is a long coat straight jacket LOL



Weaponized hallucinogenic neuro-toxin anyone? ;)

**Damn, this should probably be in the replica costume forum, my mistake.
maan i'd love me one of those

if i had time and money (and sewing skills) that would be another project to do, unfortunately, i have neither

amazing costume
I agree with you, I really liked Nolan's interpretation of Crane.

And that is one fine mask. Definitely one of the best I've seen.

Would've loved to add this to collection but as you say, a shame with regard to the artist... Too bad, would've liked to have gone as Dr. Crane for Halloween this year...
Thanks a lot guys! Appreciate the compliments! I wish these were more available, as a fan it's something damn cool to hold, and put on. Someone has to have the ability to make these and do a run where people actually get their masks, far too cool a character and piece to slip through the cracks!
Very nice man! I may have to try one, been looking for a good Halloween costume and this seems simple but terrifying.
Thanks again everyone! Daz! Good to see ya in here mate! Message coming shortly with updates on NO ;)
Actually, no, there is no lining LOL, and yes it can get a tad itchy wearing it, but it's honestly not near as bad as I would have thought, it's quite bearable! I'm used to latex masks, or silicone, the burlap at least breathes LOL
Looks great! You might get a hood of some sort to wear under it to keep the burlap from absorbing oils from your face if you plan on wearing it more than just a few times.
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