Can I make this Captain America's shield shine more and be less flimsy?


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I purchased this at a Halloween store and it's the right size but it is just so flimsy. That's the main concern I have with it. I'd also like to make it shine like metal if that is possible? I think putting shoulder straps on it should be easy. (Don't mind my horrible helmets, still a noob at this.)

IMG_1622.JPG IMG_1623.JPG


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One option is to buy a 2nd one, remove the strap clips from the one going on the front, and glue them together. That'll provide some reinforcement. Just make sure your glue is plastic-friendly!!

Another option is to mount your own brackets to the back. I attached Valors templates from his original batch of brackets for the Flexible Flyer sled-shield.

ABS plastic works pretty well for the cause. Sheets can be bought relatively cheaply (I got mine for under $10) and after you've cut out your bracket, it does heatform into shape pretty easily. I make my own functional longbows/recurves, so I already built a simple heatbox out of spare lumber, some aluminum foil (shiny side facing inward) and some small high wattage lightbulbs. If you know a DIY bowyer, this makes your job really easy.. if you don't, then you get to find your own solution to heatform the plastic brackets so that they'll keep a curve... Other options for bracketing would probably include 14 ply Posterboard.

My aluminum shield firmed up quite nicely once the metal brackets went on.

bracket.jpg fullassembly.jpg
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