Can Foamies be Vacuformed?


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The title doesn't require much further description, but I'll try.

I know that products like Foamies can be heat formed, but what is the extent? Can they be pulled over a complex buck and not tear?

Has anyone tried, or is anyone out there willing to try this with their equipment?

If it can be done, I will be the happiest guy in the world.




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Short answer, YES. I've seen about a 1.5-2" draw. Watch how long you heat the sheets, obviously. Also, if your vacuum draw is too great, it can collapse the cells.


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In this case - google is your friend.

The answer is yes and it's been done before.
There is one guys out there who did an experiment on vaccu forming foamies over a "face cast" and he documented his results pretty well (pictures included).

I can't post the link (currently at work)... but you can essentially google "tk560 vacuum forming foams" and hit I'm feeling lucky and you'll end up on the forums thread he posted a couple of years back.
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