Can anyone with a 0.45 MR (ANH)/(AFBB) Obi-Wan lightsaber help me?

Andy roo77

New Member
I need measurements on two small pieces that fit inside the emitter. I lost these two pieces on my replica and am planning to remake them. Here are the exact two pieces I am talking about:
The two pieces.png

For my replica at least, both of these parts could easily pop in and out of the emitter


Any help would be so much appreciated!

Andy roo77

New Member
Why did you make a new Thread when you already asked in your other Thread? Why not bump your old Thread?

It didn't really occur to me that I could do that, I'm brand new to this forum so I am still learning how it works. Also I assumed that only the people that had already commented on that post would get notified about a new comment by me, so only like 3 people would see it
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