Can anyone help with Photoshop Y-Wing decals please?


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Hi Guys,

Im currently painting my Y Wing helmet and Im nearly up to needing the decals. I found an attached black & white sheet containing the decals needed through forums but was hoping someone could possibly change these decal pics to red and possibly sharpen them up? Ive also attached ywing helmet pictures to show what they are meant to look like.

Then I can print them onto water slide decal paper to place on the helmet.

Here are a few pics of where my helmet is at, at the moment.

Sorry to ask guys but I have noooo idea how to do stuff like that and really appreciate any help.

IMG_4993.JPGIMG_4998.JPGIMG_4992.JPGRotJ_YWing_Orig03.jpg3.jpgywingdecals (1).jpg2.jpg
the helmet you show are mine and I sold it to France.I had made Waterslide decals for this helmet to but I am sorry I had the Artwork no longer in my files. Another methode is to print the decals on paper and cut them out.So you had a nice template for painting.
Huge thanks to Rich over at TDH for all the awesome advice and also a Big thanks to darthvader 073 for the time he took on colouring the decals for me, they came up great.

Heres where Im at now with some paint and weathering. A few more things to install etc and nearly done.

Hope you guys like it. It was my first time using enamels and the paint layered type effect a bit like fett helmets. This might give me the confidence to attempt a Boba Fett ESB :)

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