Can anyone help me make a Blade costume


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Hello Everybody,
I'm in need of some help. I'm going to the MCM comic con and I want to dress up this year. sadly there isn't that many black characters in mainstream comic books.
So I was wondering if anyone could help me make a Blade costume.
I have a month to make it and I have about £30 ($45) budget.
If anyone can help me please email me: (Stupid email i know)
Skype me:
afro_uchiha (Even worse)
This is a picture of Blade if you don't know who he is


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That's a pretty low budget, not even really enough for fabric! I suggest all black clothes, a long coat and sunglasses. You'll also want his sword rig, so crisscross a couple of belts with a stiff spot in back, then attach the scabbard. What will sell the look is his haircut. Hope this helps:)
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