Can anyone date these Tie pilot pics?


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I'm on the task of putting together an as accurate as possible Tie pilot from ANH. While on my research, I stumbled across these pictures from the visual dicitonary and another (to me) unkown source.
Special on these Pictures are the ear greeblies that are significant other than most of the helmets. I'm trying to give my collecion a rough direction so I'm trying to replicate the ANH variations of my props.:)



So what I actually wanted to ask if someone can date these pictures and tell me it was ANH preproduction or a helm refittet with new Greeblies for ROTJ. Personally, I read somewhere on the jrs forums that the red picture was ANH promotion, but not sure.
So are there any experts out there who can help me on this? Thanks.


P.S.: Please excuse my bad english, I'm doing my best and I hope it's understandable
Long back I remember seeing the red pic among other ANH promo pics, but I dont know for sure.

The preproduction helmet seen at SDS has the imperial disc:


And so has all helmets seen in ANH.

In ROTJ we see at least one having the other version (looking like door panel clips a´la mohawk details to me). To me it looks like they glued black plastic doorclips on a flat disc. This exhibition helmet looks like it has this flat disc, and maybe the clip fell lose. So it could be the ROTJ version. (Speculations of course.)


About your costume; since there are many shots showing the imperial disc being used in ANH, I think its safe to say its correct for the ANH version.
In my opinion it's looking like there were both variants used in both movies with the 'hero' version being the Imperial disc and the door clip making up the numbers. I really doubt anything new was done to the helmets for RoTJ. After all there were no new closeups of TIEs filmed for RoTJ, all you get is them in the background for the hangar bay scene.

If the costume is for the 501st please note that, at this time, they only accept Imperial discs as ear greeblies, no cone knobs, no door clips.
There is all black helmets with discs. Are there ANH pics with the other version?

If they changed anything, it would probably been for practical reasons like the discs were missing.

I found this pic, it looks to be close in the red background effect compaired to the red pilot pic above. Maybe a hint that the pics are ANH pilots (and the greebles also ANH)?
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