can anybody tell me were I could find one of these and what it is?


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I think this is a phaser.but I'm not sure.any info would be appreciated.

That is a great prop. I got a chance to hold one back in 2002 that was either from the show and/or a spare created for what I was told was to be sent off to the Star Trek Experience display. It was so long ago I really cannot recall what they sais about it. The one thing I will not forget it that it was metal, I assume machined. I would not mind adding one to my collection but it would have to be metal.
That's a 'MACO pistol,' from "Enterprise."


It was not exclusively the MACOs. It was on the show since the first episode. It is the EM-33 plasma pistol and was the predecessor to the smaller phase pistol that was introduced to to the crew in the first episode. Most of the crew still used the plasma pistol till Reed could get them certified to use the new phase pistol.
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I bought a water pistol that REALLY resembled it a few years ago.

I think it was at kmart, or wal mart in a 2 pack.

Can't find it right now, but I will start looking. Not bad for 1$.

Yep. That looks like it.

Mine was a weird neon orange/clear color, but there were small sections that were clear.

That was the "phaser" in the pilot and early episodes of Enterprise.

I can't remember what they called it.

Later came the Phase Pistol.
If anybody happens to have pics saved or screen caps of this weapon and would share.I would more than appreciate It.I would like to build one sometime in the future.thanks

They reversed the color scheme when the maco's started using them on season 3. There are kits out there, seen acouple for under a hundred bucks, they pop up now and then.
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