can any one help back to the future flying train


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hi every one, happy new year to one and all, I hope every one is keep well clear of the virus, now can anyone help the old guy ( thats me ) I have ben asked to build a replica of the flying train in back to the future 3 film but after spending hours looking on the good old net I have only been able to find a few images and nothing else. Does anyone have any drawings plans ect which may shed light on the shape and size of the train. anything at all would be very welcome at this stage.

Here is one I have just finished for the film and sci fi museum in Milton Kenyes in England, a second large scale sulaco from the films aliens

keep safe and well every one
regards Barrie (the old guy )
I have a pdf file for a papercraft one. I can post each page if that might help with any shapes and sizes.
Not completely sure how accurate it is or if that would help or not, as I've never tried to build it.

EDIT: Just realized swgeek posted the papercraft model, but I see you have to pay. I got the one I have for free.
thank you guys so much for the information as that famous advert says every little helps. As yet the founder of the museum has not told me how big this model might have to be so it may be a while before I begin to assemble it, but rest assured when I get going I will post images every so often during it construction.
I hope that you all had a good new year,
keep safe and well
regards Barrie ( the old guy )
Can't wait to see how it turns out.
I would like to have a model of this, but I do think a scratch built one would be a bit tricky.
Gambody is not known for real accuracy, but if you just want something that looks close enough, this might be it :)

Screenshot 2022-01-03 at 17.02.07.jpg
The Universal Studios Florida theme park has -- or had; not sure if it is still there -- the full-size locomotive set piece on display, along with one of the Deloreans. I can't recall whether the loco's tender was included there or not. Somewhere I have quite a few photos of the locomotive, but I've not been able to find them for quite a while.

For a long time, I have ardently wished there were a kit of this thing. I'm just a little bit obsessed with the Back to the Future films!

The tender was originally displayed with the train, then they did some sort of renovation at the park and it was easier to get rid of the tender than move it. I'd search sites like Flickr for pictures of the Locomotive on display in the park.
I built a Randy Cooper a few years ago. The kit isn't terribly accurate but it's a decent starting point if you don't want to start from scratch.
BTTF3 Time Train (Randy Cooper)
As far as reference goes you have to distinguish between the Filming Miniature, the On-set full scale and the later repaints of the full scale as seen at the theme park. Most of my reference I found through extensive googling. Here's some behind the scenes of the train construction that are a bit hard to find:
67402273_464441147622289_3850004681224880128_n.jpg 67492243_464440970955640_3155377653347778560_n.jpg67295128_464441104288960_3690340805299404800_o.jpg67114758_464441074288963_2945530868434731008_o.jpg67067232_464441134288957_6717112049584832512_n.jpg67104721_464441030955634_768653370499006464_o.jpg67067585_464440984288972_8229445797729533952_o.jpg64981294_1223690657818903_8599888961206367010_n.jpg

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