Camberwick Green and Trumpton


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You make me so so happy when I see your post
Absolutely phenomenal work
When your work brings a smile to my face and a flutter in my heart, bringing wonderful memories of my childhood back to my ageing and old body, I can only call you a genius.

Soppy I know but thank you so much
Keep em coming


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It's very kind of you to say so. I will probably keep plugging away at these whenever I find a toy that got used or get the urge to scratchbuild one of these characters, which happens between bits of TVSF hardware!


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Found another toy, the Coral toys police motorcycle. So, naturally I had to make the Chimney sweep, Roger Varley.


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Oh yes...I remember that character as well. Mate! It's quite impossible to describe the feeling I have looking at your pics(y):cool::cool:
I'm transported, every time, in my childhood! Great work!

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