Camberwick Green and Trumpton


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Those of a certain age in the UK will remember the charming stop motion children's shows of Camberwick Green and Trumpton. Here are some of the characters I have re-created using little wooden artists' mannequins as the base.




I remember seeing this program in Brussels at the time...early '70s for sure!! Great project and eager to see the Fire Brigade in action (y) (y)
This is the stuff of my childhood - I can hear all the songs now (all sung by Brian Cant of course)!

I'm an animator so this period of TV was what drove me to pursue my career. Fabulous as always, Kev. Any chance of you making the musical box?
Wow...talkin' about time travel to my childhood:D I had completely forgotten about Dr. Mopp!! Great pics and project as always!
Thanks very much. Kind of you to say so. I think I must've stabbed myself with a needle dozens of times when struggling to sew tiny clothing! I'm not a natural!
Absolutely phenomenal, this takes me back to to my childhood for sure, one of my all time favourite programs when I was growing up
Still watch it now and then when it’s on
Such wonderful wonderful memories
Thank you

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